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Private. Trustworthy. Effective.

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”

Alison Kilkelly, LCSW
Therapy & Coaching for Couples & Adults

My areas of expertise include:

  • Relationships | Communication | Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-Marital | Marriage | Divorce | Infidelity
  • Depression | Anxiety | Obsessive Thoughts | Compulsive Behavior
  • Self Discovery & Development | Life Transitions
  • Non-Traditional Relationships | Blended Families
  • Sexual Challenges




Accessible. My clients really value that I am easily accessible via phone, text, and email in between our sessions so they get prompt support when a significant challenge presents itself. Because of the personal and sensitive nature of our relationship and therapeutic work together, I believe that you should be able to reach me directly and easily in between sessions.

Immediate. Regular appointments are scheduled within two weeks. Crisis appointments are typically accommodated within 24 hours.

Flexible. Sessions are available to you in blocks of 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, 105 minutes, and 120 minutes. If we hit a great stride near the end of our scheduled time, we  can continue our appointment (assuming both our schedules allow for it) in order to advance your progress. Evening and weekend appointments are offered.

Private. My inviting therapy room is located in a low profile, quiet building on the near west side of Madison (close to Hilldale Mall). Your personal information and the content of our sessions are kept confidential. Unlike HMOs/larger clinics my practice is not subject to annual state audits where client files are reviewed by state personnel.

Solution Focused. Many of my clients are looking for input, direction, and solutions. My approach to therapy helps expedite the change process.

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First and foremost my approach is non-judgmental and non-shaming.  My personality is very caring, interested,  relaxed, and down to earth. I really do want to hear about what is weighing heavily on you. My office is your therapy space and provides a very safe environment to discuss difficult topics of any kind.

It can be a challenge to get started with therapy for many reasons including:  time, intimidation, money, embarrassment, it seems like a selfish investment, or you may try to convince yourself that doing something differently just on your own will relieve the need for therapy. Reading client testimonials may relieve these barriers for you. Pursuing therapy is a phenomenal expression of self care, and something that everyone can benefit from regardless of the magnitude of your concerns.

Only you can take care of you.

Start bringing purpose and meaningful connection into your daily life.

You will be glad you made an appointment. Therapy makes your growth, healing, and change easier, more focused, and much more efficient. 

Your comfort is a priority and I will do my best to provide it. You do not need to be alone in your efforts to make a better life for yourself. Allow my support to help you get there!


Your session will be customized to provide what you are looking for… maybe you want advice or you just need someone to listen… you might know exactly what you want to accomplish and just need unbiased support to help you along the way, or maybe you need help figuring out what’s next for you in life.

If you would like to take a goal-oriented approach I can provide ‘take-aways’ for you to implement in between our sessions to help catapult your growth… and I can also simply be a great listener and confidante.

Make an appointment today – I look forward to hearing from you! 


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