Pre-marital Gift Packages

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“Premarital counseling with Alison was WAY more helpful than I imagined. It was difficult at times but well worth it. We work through our issues SO MUCH easier now and catch disputes earlier than before (and skillfully dissolve them!!). I really gained attention and understanding from my fiance.  

We’d be dead in the water had we not done premarital counseling.” 

– H&J, 27 and 32 years old

“We learned a lot about each other (and ourselves!) and built much stronger communication skills than we knew was possible. We are so grateful that we pushed our egos aside and committed to this. Without it we would’ve been settling for a sub par relationship. Alison is very thorough and incredibly insightful about love and relationships. I recommend premarital counseling with Alison to all of my friends who are engaged!” 

– J&D, 25 and 28 years old

“Two years ago my fiance and I met with Alison for premarital counseling. I really appreciated how direct and honest she was throughout the whole process. She pointed out “red flags” and gave us tools and helped us build skills to move through these concerns. We both had much greater peace of mind on our wedding day because of this!”

– A&C, 28 and 29 year old


                          Give the most  MEANINGFUL  wedding  gift…


 The Pre-Marital Counseling Package

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  • 60-minute sessions (average is 5-8 sessions) scheduled based on your availability, and the time required to complete. $100/hour.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the 12 most crucial topics in a relationship such as communication, intimacy/connection, finances, and family
  • Address specific concerns in your relationship
  • Relationship feedback
  • Establish relationship goals
  • Learn simple & effective relationship tools & skills to avoid/resolve conflict
                 If this is a gift it will be presented on an elegant, white pearlescent certificate                enclosed in a golden trim envelope.
       Sessions never expire.