Marriage Counseling

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John Gottman, renowned researcher and therapist for marital stability and relationship analysis  says the lack of adequate repair following an argument is the biggest contributor to marital unhappiness and divorce.

As a result of counseling, couples improve emotion regulation and healthy communication skills to resolve problems new and old.

We aren’t systematically taught how to cultivate and communicate in a healthy, romantic relationship.

This leaves us stumbling around trying to scrape together a deficient skill set and a faulty approach which promotes damaging interactions with your partner.

Your love life can be exponentially more fulfilling when you give it time and attention with Alison, a trained professional, who will make your exploration and skill acquisition easier, focused, efficient, and effective.

Marriage Counseling

Efficacy of couples therapy is dependent upon the level of motivation and commitment of both partners, as well as their preparedness to acknowledge and understand their own roles in the relationship.

My role as your therapist is not to take sides. I learn about and assess your relationship from an objective view, and help you learn skills and use tools  that will allow you to thoroughly enjoy your relationship again.

Are you…

  • Feeling disconnected from your partner?
  • Feeling easily enraged in communication with your significant other?
  • Committed to staying in your relationship but feel at a loss for how to improve your connection?
  • Struggling to address issues like finances, parenting, scheduling and chores calmly and effectively?
  • Recognizing red flags in your relationship but aren’t sure what to do about them?
  • You love your partner but the spark and excitement is gone?
  • Not sure you still love your partner?
  • Are you and/or your partner conflict avoidant?
  • Engaging in heated power struggles with your partner?

Marital or couple counseling repairs  damage in your relationship due to disappointment, disillusionment, and resentment. Falling in love is fun and easy. Love that stands the test of time involves attention to beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in new ways.

Find connection and have fun together again!

Arguing does not mean you are not a good match for your partner and can, in fact, be a vehicle for improving your relationship. Put a stop to reoccurring arguments, and transform your relationship into one that encourages growth, good energy, and reward.

Relationship therapy is appropriate for couples who are: dating, pre-marital, newly-weds, new parents, facing difficult life changes, and those looking to amicably dissolve their partnership.

Our sessions together will help dramatically improve your understanding of effective partnerships and communication skills to put an end to your cycle of frustration.

Marriage Counseling

Are you wanting to…

  • Find feelings of trust, commitment, connection, and romantic love that have escaped your partnership?
  • Feel heard, understood, and respected by your partner?
  • Explore new sexual experiences with you partner, but you’re afraid s/he will be offended, angry, sad, disinterested or disappointed?
  • Consider or improve upon a polyamorous or other non-monogamous arrangement?

Enjoy a safe & productive space for exploration & positive growth in your relationship!

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling

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