On-Site Employee Counseling

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On-Site Counseling for Employees

Convenient Counseling & Coaching for Employees at Your Place of Business!

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Maximize your employees’ productivity with employee on-site counseling. Bring help to your employees on-site at your business. You yield from your employees what you invest in them. Your staff faces personal and work-related challenges on a daily basis, which puts them under a great deal of stress. To prevent and minimize your employees’ time away from the office due to doctors appointments and “sick” or “mental health” days, bring the help they need directly to the office.

AK Counseling Inc. (AKCI) provides immediate and personalized attention to the concerns of your employees to improve their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the workplace. Common topics include: emotional and mental well being, substance use, workplace conflict resolution, marriage/family, physical wellness/health tools, financial stressors.

Choose a corporate package that is appropriate for your business size and employee needs. Please allow uninterrupted use of an office space that offers privacy.

On-Site Counseling for Employees

PLAN CHOICES for On-Site Employee Counseling

PLAN ONE. AKCI makes 1 visit per month to your office. Employees sign up in advance for one-hour individual appointments. Appointments must be consecutive, and unfilled hours will be charged at full rate to the employer.  The date will be established based on the needs of your business/employees and the availability of AKCI. Available blocks of time include 8a – 12p (four 1-hour appointments) AND/OR 1p – 5p (four 1-hour appointments). Rate: $80/hour + one $20 travel charge (for businesses in the Madison area). Payment is due at the time of service.

PLAN TWO. 2 visits per month. Same terms as above, with an additional $20 travel charge.

PLAN THREE. 3 visits per month. Same terms as above, with two additional $20 travel charges.

PLAN FOUR. 4 visits per month. Same terms as above, with three additional $20 travel charges.

CUSTOM. Let’s discuss a plan to best fit your needs.

On-Site Counseling for Employees

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Employee On-Site Counseling

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