private approach to mental health care tailored to your personality, resources, goals, and progress. Appropriate frequency and duration of appointments to reach change you are striving for!


There are 6 ethically-based reasons why I choose not to work with managed care companies…
#1 – Conflicts of Interest

My primary concern is for your well-being. Managed care companies were created to control escalating health care costs.  Their primary motive is to reduce costs and increase profits, second to that comes quality of care considerations.

#2 – Restricted Choice, Restricted Treatment

Managed care companies decide if you qualify to use your insurance for therapy and restrict your choice of therapist, the number of sessions you are allotted, the duration of each session, what is discussed in therapy, what kind of therapy is provided.  This meets their financial criteria but may fail to afford you the therapy you need to make changes you want. Some have “gag clauses” in their contracts to prevent therapists from suggesting more effective treatments.

#3 – Confidentiality

I would be required to share your personal information and file notes with insurance gatekeepers and ‘utilization review professionals’, this allows many people access to your personal information.

#4 – Medication

Research consistently shows that medication for problems with mood is most effective when combined with psychotherapy.  Despite this, managed care companies frequently approve ‘medication only’ for their members.

#5 – Lapse in Coverage

I would be required to convince them that your therapy is “necessary” (which is defined by them). If a limited number of sessions is granted and you wish to continue therapy thereafter, we must again receive approval to extend therapy. This is detrimental to your progress due to imposed stops and starts.

#6 – Mandatory Diagnosis

A diagnosis is required to bill insurance and this stays on your permanent health care record. Many times individuals have symptoms that do not meet required criteria for diagnosis, I do not feel this makes them less worthy of getting help.


Let’s focus on what is important to you 

& establish healthy change so you enjoy the quality of life you want.

This is your opportunity to  heal, explore, achieve goals, thrive authentically, prevent unhelpful thought & behavioral patterns



Individual    $100/hr        |        Couple    $130/hr        |        Student    $50/hr

Upon request I provide receipts you can submit for potential **Out-of-Network reimbursement**

   Sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes 

60 minute minimum; charged per quarter hour thereafter

Two-hour sessions are available by request

        Payment is due at the end of each appointment             

HSA & FSA cardscash & personal checks | Visa, MC, AE, Discover


  • Your inquiry will get a direct response from Alison typically within 24 hours
  • Most often your appointment can be scheduled within one week
  • Evening and weekend appointments are available

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