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Therapy with Alison resolves your relationship conflict, allows understanding of each other, and promotes deep connection for years to come.

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“In just 2 sessions with you, I’ve learned more than I have in 5 years from other therapists! It feels so good to finally be making progress…These are changes that will last.”   

 – AP, 45-year-old

“I’m feeling so much more hopeful than I have in a long time! I am so grateful for you. You’re very gifted in knowing what is needed and how to go about it.” 


Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapy Madison, Couples Counseling Madison, WI Marriage Counseling Therapists  

Alison Kilkelly, LCSW Licensed Therapist & Relationship Expert

Private. Trustworthy. Effective.

A Boutique Approach to Therapy for Couples & Adults.

Couples Counseling Madison WI  Therapists Madison WI Therapy Relationship Coach Madison, WI Relationship Coach Madison, WI Relationship Therapy

What Clients are saying… 

EXCEPTIONAL MARITAL THERAPY! I sought therapy due to challenges within my marriage including communication and infidelity. Being at a crossroads in my life, I needed to find someone to listen and support me in my struggle to gain confidence and salvage my marriage.

There was something in the way that Alison described her area of expertise and my first impression was she would be approachable and nonjudgmental, two important factors for me to form a safe and secure connection…she did not disappoint. I don’t recall a time when I was able to simply let go, start from the beginning and let the words flow freely.

As a result, I feel lucky and privileged that over our sessions I have improved communication with my husband, developed tools to help us continue to grow and begun the journey to greater self-awareness. Alison’s realism in our discussions is so appreciated, and seemingly difficult to find in a therapist.

Life is not always easy and our path often uncertain however, Alison has been able to share insights and applicable literature to help us work through the most difficult of situations. She is positive and caring, flexible and understanding, and I am thankful for all that she has to offer.”        –  JK, 50-year-old 

Marriage Counseling Couples Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Marriage wi

*‘You have helped heal parts of me I never knew were possible, and I have never felt more at peace because of it. My husband and I started counseling as a last-ditch effort, hanging on by a thread. We are now the strongest and healthiest we’ve ever been.’    


Marriage Counseling Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI

“Thank you for more than you’ll ever know. You rescued me from wasting my life in a toxic relationship.”    

 – KJ, 45-year-old

Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Therapy Madison, WI couples therapy Madison

“Finally, my husband and I can discuss finances without blowing up at each other. These skills make it easier to address other hot topics in our marriage. We both feel heard, valued, and loved again.”   
– PM, 56-year-old 
Couples Therapy Madison, WI Couples Counseling Madison, WI Therapy Madison
“Alison, I wanted you to know how deeply grateful I am for all the ways you’ve contributed to my personal growth. Thank you for being non-shaming, valuing a holistic approach, and teaching me how to re-frame things. Your words of affirmation have also been timely and restorative. You are incredibly gifted in your work and I’ve given away all your business cards to friends and health professionals who plan to pass your name along to others.”                                                                      – BB, 33-year-old 
Couples Counseling Madison, WI Couples Therapy Madison, WI Marriage Counseling Madison, WI Relationship Counseling Madison, WI Therapists Madison
Alison’s Areas of Expertise 

       marriage counseling   Romantic, Personal, & Professional Relationships

      marriage counseling   Healthy Communication | Conflict Resolution

      marriage counseling   Pre-Marital | Marital | Separation | Infidelity | Divorce           

      marriage counseling   Life Transitions or Cross-Roads | Self-Development

      marriage counseling   Depression | Anxiety 

      marriage counseling   Making Therapy fun!  Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling Madison, WI Couples Counseling Madison, WI Couples Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapy Madison Couples Counseling Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy
Alison’s Therapeutic Approach

Clients tell me they appreciate not feeling judged or shamed and they can trust my authentic, down-to-earth personality with any admissions or questions.

I like to bring in levity where appropriate without dismissing the gravity or importance of a topic. This makes therapy approachable, more enjoyable, and more memorable for lasting impact.

Marriage Counseling Madison, WI Couples Counseling Madison, WI Couples Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapy Madison Couples Counseling Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy
Why Therapy/Coaching is a great idea

Cultivating the best version of you is not a straightforward, easy task. We are all works in progress forever. Using evidence-based modalities and tools, you and I collaborate using your life experiences and circumstances and bring to life what you’re seeking. You’ll find your relationships much easier to navigate and difficult conversations easier to have.

Working with a professional helps you understand yourself and others on a deeper level, and makes the change process more efficient.

making your first appointment is an easy first step!

Marriage Counseling Madison, WI Couples Counseling Madison, WI Couples Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapy Madison Couples Counseling Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapy
Therapists Madison, WI Therapy Madison, WI Therapist Madison, WI
Why My Clients Choose AK Counseling, Inc.

Efficacy. Clients get the results they are looking for; whether that’s a better marriage, more happiness, or a reliable sounding board.

Accessibility. I am easily accessible via phone, text, and email in between our sessions to provide prompt support.

Immediacy. Appointment openings are typically available within two weeks, and crisis appointments are usually accommodated within 24-48 hours. I have some Saturday availability.

Virtual. If proximity or time constraints make in-person visits a challenge we can meet via Zoom (HIPAA-compliant video conferencing).

Flexibility. Sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes (longer by request). If we hit a great stride near the end of our scheduled time and both our schedules allow, we can continue our appointment to maximize your progress.

Privacy. My cozy therapy room is located in a low-profile, quiet building on the near west side of Madison (Hilldale Area). Your personal information and the content of our sessions are kept confidential. My practice is not subject to annual state audits, as large clinics are where client files are reviewed by state personnel.

Solution-Focused. Many of my clients are looking for input, direction, and solutions. My approach to therapy is practical and expedites your change process.

Comfort. Your comfort is a priority and I will do my best to provide it. Please ask for what may help you! 

 Create a better life for yourself, starting now!

Lastly, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Marriage Counseling MadisonMarriage Counseling MadisonMarriage Counseling Madison

Relationship Therapy Madison Marriage Therapy Marriage Counseling Madison Divorce Counseling Madison  Therapy Madison, WI Therapists Madison, WI Therapist Madison, WI     

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