Therapy is no stranger to me and up until working with Alison, I had pretty much lost faith in the benefits of therapy.  Alison has proven quite the opposite.  My personal life was shattering before me (i.e. going through separation and divorce; challenges of balancing a new romantic partner and being a single parent) and guidance was essential.

Her approach to sessions allows one to feel human.  I came to her with a full plate and not once has she made me feel like I was in the wrong.  She remains objective and positive while incorporating fresh, current tools to improve my quality of life.  She never makes me feel ashamed to bring up anything in session.  Alison has a genuine interest in helping and has gone above and beyond, even outside of session time, to assist during crucial moments of need.”   

  – SG, 35-year-old 

Alison Kilkelly, LCSW  – Licensed Therapist & Relationship Expert marriage Counseling Madison

                    marriage counseling   Romantic, Personal, & Professional Relationships

                    marriage counseling   Healthy Communication | Conflict Resolution

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                    marriage counseling   Depression | Anxiety 



By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I knew that providing therapy was my dream career because of my genuine passion for the well-being of others and ‘all things psychology’.  I was a resource for friends and acquaintances in school, and I grew up in a home where multiple family members suffered with depression and anxiety. This fueled my interest in helping people improve their mental health, have healthy relationships, and maximize their enjoyment of life. About Alison at AK Counseling, Inc.

While earning my BA in Psychology at UW-Madison, I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to enroll in an extra academic year of upper-level psychology coursework before earning my degree in 2004. To get more life and business experience I pursued my secondary career interest in Marketing and Advertising. In those 8 years, I learned a lot and was ready to pursue my dream career, so I enrolled in a clinical master’s program at UW-Madison. 

Before opening AK Counseling, Inc., I had extensive training with a wide variety of individuals facing mental health challenges including families in crisis, marital conflict, sexual challenges, infidelity, non-monogamous relationships, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse, to name a few. This involved implementing a variety of therapeutic models including Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, Solutions-Focused, Emotionally-Focused, Imago, Mindfulness, Exposure, and Internal Family Systems.  About Alison at AK Counseling, Inc. About Alison at AK Counseling, Inc.

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“To pursue perfection is to love yourself

completely in every moment.”  

– Alison Kilkelly  

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A sense of humor and laughter bring levity and connection to my everyday life. Outside of my therapy practice, I enjoy High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), hot yoga, cooking anything I can put a healthy spin on, tennis, kayaking, golf, live music, and travel both near and far! I’m an advocate for facing one’s fears… one of mine is heights. So, in 2004, I went paragliding in the swiss alps. In 2007, I went parasailing in Jamaica. In 2014, I went ziplining in Costa Rica. I think I’m due for the next exposure therapy session!



I sincerely enjoy meeting new people and I’m the opposite of intimidating, so, if you have questions please ask!


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