Couples Therapy is for people that are dating, domestic/long-term partners, engaged, married, new parents/co-parenting, or want an amicable divorce.

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Lack of adequate repair in your relationship is the number one cause of unhappiness, conflict, and divorce. Knowing how to communicate to repair builds connection and emotional intimacy, thereby strengthening the relationship for years to come.

Imagine cultivating the relationship you’ve longed for… hundreds of my clients will tell you it’s possible. It’s normal to fall out of love several times over the course of your marriage. The sooner you fall back in love the better. But couples are at a loss as to how. That’s my role, to help you skill build and incorporate tools that facilitate the growth of a loving, satisfying relationship.

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Alison helps you build these skills and provides the tools to build you up as individuals, to be heard and valued, and to strengthen the partnership where needs are respected and honored. Using professional guidance makes change in your relationship focused, efficient, and effective.

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My clients who get the most out of therapy:

*Attend regularly to keep the momentum

*Do the assigned activities in between sessions

*Ask a lot of questions

*Bring a notebook (or ask for paper) to reference important points between sessions

*Bring in their own examples of challenging dialogue or circumstances so we can talk about how it could have or will be handled constructively.

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