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Connecting intimately with your partner whether emotionally or physically can become awkward, life happens and distance between you grows.

Logistics and “should”s take precedence:

prepare that work presentation for an important client – keep the house picked up – do the never ending amounts of laundry – take care of dinner – get in a few workouts – get the kids to school on time – help the kids with homework – schedule doctors appointments – pay bills – worry about your kid’s academic performance and friendships – get the car fixed – plan happy hour with friends in an effort to keep your sanity – walk the dog – coordinate sports practice pick up and drop off – spend time as a couple with other couples/friends – stay in touch with family – eat fast food because you didn’t have time to pack a meal – always be patient – be productive at work – make good money…

giving your partner attention easily falls to the far-far-far-away back burner.


Suddenly spending one-on-one time with your spouse feels like an awkward first date that doesn’t get better, or the mere thought of attempting “quality time” is repulsive, or the attempts you’ve made have been mind-numbingly boring.


[Relationships transformed from dull to dynamite]


What happened?

Surprisingly, we aren’t taught how to develop and maintain a healthy romantic relationship.

This leaves us stumbling around throwing out random attempts at communicating our needs, being responsive to our partner’s needs, conflict resolution, and love building.

It’s unfathomable that we expect marriages to last without any formal education on how relationships thrive.


Education and testing are required for a driver’s license and for professional licenses.

Why are we granted a marriage license without ANY training or testing?


You don’t have time for trial and error. You need efficiency.

Get efficient coaching with Alison.

Your love life can be exponentially more fulfilling when you give it focused attention with an effective relationship professional.



How does intimacy repair work?  With the use of professional modalities (e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Internal Family Systems) we unblock and align your mind, emotions, body, and energy.

Mind: positive self-talk and self-image, envision what you want your connection to look/sound/feel like, positive thoughts about your partner, confidence in performance, ability to fantasize

Emotions: express your needs and be heard, hear your partner’s needs in a positive way, discover unknowns about yourself and your partner, regulate your emotions with ease

Body: release tension and negativity, respond positively to your partner’s affection, enjoy giving affection to your partner in ways they love, understand your and your partner’s unique anatomy and what brings pleasure

Energy: safe transparency with your emotions, uplifted mood and experience of daily life, feel invigorated, seek intimacy for healthy release and connection

*   *   *

About sex…

As a male do you have:

  • Performance anxiety?
  • Concern about your size?
  • Premature or inhibited ejaculation?
  • A low level of desire for sexual activity?
  • Trouble getting and/or maintaining an erection?

As a female do you experience:

  • Low desire?
  • Inability to orgasm?
  • Trouble getting or staying aroused?
  • Desire to orgasm in more than one position?
  • Anxiety about performance and/or body image?

You may have other concerns related to sexuality

  • Lacking a strong connection with your partner
  • Sexual indiscretions [e.g. extramarital affairs, etc.]
  • Exploring a new sexuality [e.g. bisexuality, pansexuality, etc.]
  • How to safely carry out fantasies [e.g. avoid STDs, discomfort, etc.]
  • Sexual compulsions that are disruptive to your lifestyle, your relationships, or that are criticized by a partner (e.g. excessive masturbation, masturbation in lieu of sex with partner, pornography, strip clubs, kinks, etc.)
  • Sexual inclinations that are hindering enjoyable sex for you or your partner (e.g. BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc.)


The Results?

Your confidence improves dramatically and your partnership becomes stronger and significantly more satisfying.

Emotional intimacy and sexual activity are healthy and vital components to our personal well-being. Sex is a stress reliever and releases ‘happy chemicals’ in your brain to improve mood. Shared intimacy creates deep and satisfying connection with your partner.

*   *   *

[Clients who transformed their relationship from dull to dynamite]

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