Growth & Troubleshooting Resources for Individuals & Couples

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A regular mindfulness practice (even 5 minutes per day!) can create significant change in brain chemistry so that we experience dramatic improvements in:

  • moodattention, focus, memory, relationship satisfaction, self-awareness, insight, emotion regulation, information processing speed, compassion, weight loss, well-being, intuition, body awareness, sleep, and overall health

And diminished stress, relationship conflict, depression, rumination, loneliness,  psychological distress, mental illness, perceived task efforts, distracting thoughts

Growth & Troubleshooting Resources for Individuals & Couples

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In the videos below experts on intimate relationships address common challenges and practical solutions.

JIM TAMM        “Don’t Be So Defensive!”


ESTHER PEREL        “Put Escalating Fights on Ice”


ESTHER PEREL        “Avoid the Most Common Argument Patterns” 


BRENE BROWN        “Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count”


ESTHER PEREL       “Finding ‘The One'”


ESTHER PEREL        “The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship”


DAVID SCHNARCH        “Why Marriage Kills Sex”


BRENE BROWN        “The Power of Vulnerability”


BRENE BROWN        “Listening to Shame”


ESTHER PEREL        “Rethinking Infidelity”


DAVID SCHNARCH        “I Want to Be With You, But Don’t Tell Me What to Do”


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