Depression, Anxiety, Parenting

I have met with several therapists over the last 18 years for my depression and anxiety, but none of them have come close to helping me progress the way Alison has. I’ve never felt better. I’m very reserved, but even from the first visit she made it really easy to open up by initiating conversation in a natural and genuinely caring way. She was able to pinpoint toxic relationships and behavioral patterns that were keeping my self-esteem very low. I feel so much better about myself and really wish that I was able to figure all of this out 20 years ago! Alison asks good questions and lets me complete my thoughts. I have learned incredibly important parenting skills and boundary setting to better the relationship with my daughter. She has helped me understand the ways in which my choices in parenting are critical to my daughter’s self-esteem and healthy development. I’m enjoying a new and improved life journey, I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting Alison!!!

-BL, 36 year-old female