Alison’s so reliable & I can talk about ANYTHING without being judged…

Therapy is no stranger to me and up until working with Alison, I had pretty much lost faith in the benefits of therapy.  Alison has proven quite the opposite.  My personal life was shattering before me (i.e. going through separation and divorce; challenges of balancing a new romantic partner and being a single parent) and guidance was essential.

Her approach to sessions allows one to feel human.  I came to her with a full plate and not once has she made me feel like I was in the wrong.  She remains objective and positive while incorporating fresh, current tools to improve my quality of life.  She never makes me feel ashamed to bring up anything in session.  Alison has a genuine interest in helping and has gone above and beyond, even outside of session time, to assist during crucial moments of need.

My eyes have been opened in significant ways because of Alison’s methods. The tools she provides are easy to incorporate on a daily basis and have elevated my quality of life on many levels. Thinking back just a couple of months and comparing how I approached matters back then to now fascinates me. My inner spirit is revived and life is beginning to show its positives more and more.

Without question, Alison is a 5-star therapist!

-SG, 35 year-old female