Alison saved my life…

I was referred to Alison after my third suicide attempt. Immediately after meeting her I didn’t feel alone anymore. She doesn’t just sit there and take notes – she engages me and gives quality, real world, constructive feedback. She gives me ways to ‘exercise’ the skills we discuss between sessions so I’m continually bettering myself, not just working on things for one hour a week in her office. I have become much more reflective and introspective, so I can think about things from our sessions on a much deeper level. I understand myself and others so much better now.

My extreme and violent rages of anger have virtually stopped all together. I’m now gaining an ability to pursue and recover from romantic relationships in a healthy (non-suicidal) way. My career has completely turned around.

Alison really is an “everything” therapist. Sometimes I come to my appointments with nothing to talk about or completely scatter brained, overwhelmed, or mentally flooded – in these times Alison does a great job bringing valuable focus to our discussions. No topic is off limits, and even though it might be difficult to start talking about a tough issue, Alison makes it easy to keep talking. At the appropriate times she uses humor – and it has never felt like an uptight ‘doctor’s office’ kind of visit. In fact, I look forward to therapy each week!

Above all else, what I appreciate the most is that I can TRUST her completely. Having Alison as a confidante has not only saved my life, it’s transformed it. She is the real deal. I’m beyond grateful for her helping save my life.

-EA, 42 year-old male