Therapy (n.) Treatment designed to bring about mental health rehabilitation or social adjustment. 

Life Coach (n.) A person who counsels or motivates others in the achievement of personal objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities.

AK Counseling, Inc. provides a blend of therapy and coaching.

Private. Trustworthy. Effective.

Life Coaching & Therapy

Don’t let past events or your emotions run your life. You’re so much more than this! Process and learn from your past to create the life you want to live.

Hence, my slogan “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor” … Use your past for good and your emotions for gain!

And if you didn’t know, emotion regulation is a skill, which is good news because you can learn it and put it into practice right away!

It’s so empowering to be able to stay emotionally grounded even in the most charged situations. This allows you to create something new [not repeat the past]. Healthy connections, meaningful understanding, a path forward.

Imagine… with your significant other, parents, in-laws, children, boss and co-workers… Less stress and the tension is diffused.

Find out why you tend toward certain *unhelpful* communication patterns and what you can do about it.

I’ll help motivate you, give you structure and support as we explore the possibilities and start your transformation!

Life Coaching & Therapy


You have more control than you think.


Life Coaching & Therapy

Whether your challenges are with work, home or personal life let’s unpack it together.

We’ll see what’s there and what we can do with it.


Learn About Yourself.  Understand Those Around You. Stress Reduction. Increased Happiness. Self-Compassion. Patience. Self-Worth. Living Your Values. Self-Care.  All the good things are waiting for you!


Get the life you want.  The time is now.


“To pursue perfection is to love yourself

completely in every moment.”  

– Alison Kilkelly  


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Life Coaching & Therapy

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