“I have seen 3 other couples therapists and 4 other individual therapists. Alison has been the best therapist I could possibly have asked for. She is intelligent, wise, and adept at working with complicated individual and couples issues. She is an endless resource for materials and practices that have enhanced our marriage and our growth as individuals. In the past year, she has shown boundless compassion, patience, gentle honesty, and humor.”     

–  MM, 53-year-old

What to Expect in Therapy What to Expect in therapy with AK Counseling

What to Expect in Therapy at AK Counseling, Inc.

It might feel uncomfortable at first to open up about your pain, guilt, or uncertainty… that will dissipate and a sense of support and relief will take over.


When you arrive please let yourself into the private, cozy waiting room. Help yourself to a glass of cold water or a cup of hot tea/coffee and relax in a recliner. Sink into the soothing sounds of waterfalls and bubbling brooks. 

I will call you in when your therapy room is ready.

What to Expect

The goal of the first session is for us to get acquainted and for me to learn about you, discuss your concerns (i.e. why you are seeking therapy) and what you’re hoping to get out of therapy/coaching.

The number of sessions we have together is dependent on the topic(s) you want to address and your goals. I can give you an idea of how many sessions to anticipate at the end of our first session.

Your key to success is you! The more you share and engage in the process the better your outcomes will be. Stay open and curious, speak your truth, and be proactive in between sessions. 

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Happy Client. What to expect with Alison at AK Counseling, Inc. in Madison, WI

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Therapy is more than lying on a couch and talking, here’s a great article highlighting a conversation between Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Author of ‘Maybe You Should Talk to Someone’, Lori Gottlieb.

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