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*Therapy is a great way to carve out time for yourself and your relationship in a meaningful, efficient, and worthwhile way with professional guidance

*I provide a safe space to discuss what’s bothering you and teach you how to use it to advance your relationship with yourself and others

*This is a profound opportunity to learn how to have constructive dialogue with your partner on the touchiest of subjects, and find resolve

*Take a chance to break free from your current mold and discover a version of yourself you love and want to sustain; and create a partnership you won’t want to leave!

*Alternatively, get help to amicably dissolve a relationship

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***COVID-19 POLICY  New and existing clients are invited to join me for sessions via Zoom (HIPAA-compliant video conferencing); use the mobile app or visit Zoom.us/join. I will email or text you the meeting ID and password.***

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“In 2 sessions with you, I’ve learned more than I have in 5 years from other therapists! It feels so good to finally be making progress because I have a clear understanding of myself and my partner. These are changes that will last.”                           – AP, 38-year-old

*Alison Kilkelly, LCSW  – Licensed Therapist & Relationship Expert
              AREAS OF EXPERTISE

                                      marriage counseling   Personal, Professional, and Romantic Relationships

                                      marriage counseling   Healthy Communication | Conflict Resolution

                                      marriage counseling   Infidelity | Pre-Marital | Marriage | LGBTQ-friendly

                                      marriage counseling   Life Transitions or Cross-Roads | Self-Development

                                      marriage counseling   Depression | Anxiety 

Marriage Counseling Madison  Save your marriage with marriage counseling!


Marriage Counseling Madison  Marriage Counseling Madison

First and foremost, my approach is non-judgmental and non-shaming.

My personality is very caring, interested, relaxed, and down to earth. Which means, I really do want to hear about what is weighing on you. So, my office is your therapy space and provides a very safe environment to discuss difficult topics of any kind.  Marriage Counseling Madison

Now, do you know what you are looking for?

Advice? Direction? Simply need someone to listen? You might know exactly what you want to accomplish and want support getting there, or you may need help exploring and identifying what’s wrong and what’s next for you in life.

Either way, I am your enthused co-pilot!

Some of our sessions will bring immediate change, like feelings of relief or confidence. And you’ll love that the majority of the tools and skill-building we discuss are simple and NOT TIME INTENSIVE, therefore you can easily sustain these outside of our time together.


Remember, engaging in therapy is a phenomenal expression of self-care and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in order to be the very best version of yourself (e.g. the best spouse, employee, parent, etc).  I can’t stress enough, SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH.

And, only you can do it for yourself… which is good news! You aren’t reliant on someone or something else to create the best version of yourself!

Therapy is beneficial regardless of the magnitude of your concerns and whether or not you stay in or leave a relationship.

And, making the appointment is an easy first step!

Therapy makes your growth, healing and change processes easier, more focused, and much more efficient than doing it alone.

Marriage Counseling Madison


Accessible. My clients really value that I am easily accessible via phone, text, and email in between our sessions because they get prompt support when a significant challenge arises.

Immediate. Appointments are typically available within two weeks, and crisis appointments are usually accommodated within 24-48 hours.

Digital. If proximity or time constraints make in-person visits a challenge we can meet via Zoom (HIPAA compliant video conferencing).

Flexible. Sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes (longer by request). If we hit a great stride near the end of our scheduled time and both our schedules allow, we can continue our appointment to maximize your progress.

Private. My cozy therapy room is located in a low-profile, quiet building on the near west side of Madison (adjacent to Hilldale Mall). Your personal information and the content of our sessions are kept confidential. Privacy is enhanced, as my practice is not subject to annual state audits, as larger clinics are, where client files are reviewed by state personnel.

Solution-Focused. Many of my clients are looking for input, direction, and solutions. My approach to therapy is practical and expedites your change process.

Because your comfort is a priority, I will do my best to provide it. Please ask for what may help you! 


Read testimonials of clients’ profound changes in relationships & life course

Marriage Counseling Madison Divorce Counseling Madison      


Get support from AK Counseling, so you aren’t alone in your efforts to change, heal, or make hard decisions. You can create a better life for yourself starting now, by scheduling an appointment. Let’s meet and figure out where to begin!

Lastly, I look forward to hearing from you! 


Marriage Counseling MadisonMarriage Counseling MadisonMarriage Counseling Madison

Relationship Therapy Madison Marriage Therapy

      “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”   

    Use difficult experiences and uncomfortable emotions for personal gain!

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Read testimonials of profound change in relationships, life course, etc.

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